Ultimate Knowledge

Today we all are searching for the secret to a successful relationship. We watch television shows, some choose to go to counseling. Some talk with close friends, others seek other methods, however, the key to a relationship that will be long-lasting and successful would be to have ultimate knowledge of your mate.

That does not mean saying, "I know my mate." To possess knowledge of someone would mean understanding the inner person. Not only knowing the color of their eyes or how tall they are. This means knowing and understanding what hurts and or irritates and what you can do to repair the situation.

It certainly doesn't mean saying "You know I love you." This means showing you thought about and want to be considerate of them today. It's not drudgery; it's done because you genuinely want your mate to be happy. It means getting out of bed and knowing and paying attention to the very fact they had a bad day the day before and then before they could utter a word you were thoughtful enough to make this new day better.

It means knowing you hurt them and never waiting for days to go by before understanding what will need to be done to fix it. It means not being deliberately difficult or contrary simply because you are able to. It means understanding and considering your mate.

Ultimate knowledge is caring to learn and to fully understand the deeper intricate emotions; likes and dislikes of your mate. Ultimate knowledge is being comfortable with letting go of that childish pride because you realize that will make your mate happy and pleased. Ultimate knowledge is not being afraid to express to your mate, "I don't understand," then asking your mate to explain their feeling again and listen until it's clear.

Ultimate knowledge shows a relationship you care and therefore are deeply concerned with making it about only the two of you. Ultimate knowledge shows your mate as well as your relationship, "I am in it for the long haul."

Relationships will never be successful with surface understanding; you must have ultimate knowledge of your mate, putting aside all reluctant and hesitant notions to take that extra step for the one you love. Nothing should come in between that. Remember if you take the time to get an ultimate knowledge of anything that means you desire to want to have a full understanding of it.

Getting an ultimate knowledge of your mate means you have put your heart and mind totally into this person. You cared enough to not simply think of your own self but the inner make-up of another person. This also makes you a special person. Most people think of me first, however, ultimate knowledge means you are taking the time to learn and understand someone other than you. This is not a surface understanding it is the inner person understanding. Ultimate knowledge is the deepest understanding of your mate that anyone has tried to achieve. Make a change from surface understanding and take the more difficult road to ultimate knowledge. This will make for a successful and loving relationship.

Veronica Allen-Anderson, born in Fort Greene, Brooklyn New York. I began writing poetry when I was 13 years of age and spent 25 plus years of exploration and putting to words my observations and passion for understanding people's most intimate emotions. I always try to bring clarity to what is often a complicated landscape involving the heart and the mind. We have a world of people out there hurting and confused. I am an Author and in my dozens of written articles I demystify the tough issues facing people in relationships and offer workable solutions. I help people just like you with relationship questions and issues. I hope my suggestions work for you!