Math Fun And Math Skills In Chess

Math fun is for everyone. Anyone can understand that there are many ways to solve a problem with math, but the answer is always the same. You use math every day. Find out how you use it, and adapt your method to whatever it is you want to problem solve. In this case it would be chess problems. Use your math skills in solving math problems to solve chess move strategy problems. Math is fun to learn, to use and to think with. Since you are unique, your way of solving problems is unique.

Test yourself quickly to see if you can do math. Here is a simple test. If you cannot work out math formulas, or they do not make sense, figure out the way you learn to solve problems. Do you get the same answer as those who use a mathematical formula? Then congratulate yourself. You know math in a way that reflects your thinking, not another pat method. Now you can know that when you figure out a chess strategy using your math skills, as long as they are based on true math, you can be confident you will have an effective winning strategy. Keep working your chess strategy until it becomes effective every time you use it.

As you plan your chess strategy you will learn that math is fun. Practice your math skills over and over again. Use your math skills in your chess board game. Do not make the mistake of trying to just get by with as little strategy as you can, that is, to trust in luck, to get you winning strategies. Stretch your imagination and use all your efforts to come up with a strategy that works every time. You can use creativity to develop a chess strategy that no one else will ever come up with. Use your persistence to keep trying and never give up. Keep trying even with failure after failure in your past. There are many successful people who accomplished their goals because they tried one more time.

Balance math fun with a serious determination to make your chess board game the best you can. Your efforts will be rewarded. Your love for the chess game will increase, your math skills will increase and soon you will be thinking differently in chess as well as well as in everyday situations. You will have math fun and apply it without even realizing you are doing it. When you are having fun doing something, it permeates your life and you will realize you are having fun at whatever you do. You are successful and confident and it all started with having math fun.

In conclusion, you will know you are having fun when you start thinking differently. When you start coming up with winning chess strategies that work every time, your appreciation and confidence will soar. It is a basic fact that when your life changes it is because your thinking changed. Even a little knowledge makes a big change in your view of life. This fact is so important in playing chess because most chess players are not used to thinking success. Of course this is an application for all areas of your life, but when you can see an upward trend in statistics of your winning strategies, you will feel rewarded.

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